Nowadays, in this world you no need to carry cash in your hand everywhere because of using your plastic cards as your digital money. So, now it is easy to made that you don’t need to have those plastic cards with you to use those money. You can have your cards in your trusted mobile payment applications. It is available in both the android and ios devices. You can easily and securely use your money anywhere where the cards can be in this world. Your Digital wallets, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and extra. These moneys will appear in your payment wallet, using your wallet you can pay and receive money using these applications. 

Why to payment apps  

The Mobile payment apps you to store your financial information’s of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, reward cards, etc.  These stored data will help you to have the future online payments to be done very easily. So, by having this you can shop easily and save a lot of time. These payment apps also use contact less payment technology. So, this the flagship feature of the payment. You don’t need to have your debit and credit cards on hand. It can be added to the payment app and you will be able to use this payment app instead of your physical presence of the debit and credit cards. 

Best Mobile Payment Apps  

Yes, there are a lot of payment apps available for the android and IOS devices. But, you need only the best and the trusted apps to use make use by our financial details. So, that here are some of the best mobile payments in the following. It is Both available Android and IOS devices in the Play store and App Store. 

  • Apple Pay 
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay 
  • PayPal One Touch 
  • Venmo 
  • Zelle 

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is the Apple’s payment app. That uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) embedded in the iPhones. By using the Near Field Communication (NFC) the Apple Pay will send the money to the receivers without a contactless manner. They have your card to be saved in your Apple Pay account so that they can easily know your financial details use your added cards (Debit and Credit cards) to pay. The Apple pay is only available in apple products. It can pay in all the areas where the cards can be accepted. The Apple Pay also comes in the Apple Watch. Yeah, it is awesome right! Now you can pay your payment even without taking out your phone. Your watch pays it. And Macbook can also allow you to pay troughApple pay to shop. You can follow the below information’s to know how to use it. 

Pay using a phone 

Add your card in the Apple wallet in your phone. After successfully added your card. Now, it’s the pay time. When you wanna pay, Place or get the back side of a phone near to the terminal in which you need to pay, then it will prompt you to verify your purchase (If the Apple Pay is not popped up, double press the power button). Now, after verified the purchase you can confirm it by Face ID, Touch ID, or PIN.  You can also pay by using your watch. 

Samsung Pay 

Samsung Pay uses the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) to pay. It performs like your card is swiped in the payment terminal. Actually, your card is not, but it is done by the Samsung pay. The Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) plays this role to swipe your card virtually in the payment terminal. It is the most awesome thing in Samsung Pay. You can also add the digital wallets in your application, so that you can also use those wallets to in this Application. It also supports the UPI ID based transactions. You can see the following to know how to use it. 

Pay using your phone 

The Samsung Pay is available is available for the Samsung High range and Mid-range phones. The Samsung Pay needs you to add your debit card and credit card you want in your application. Then After verifying it is eligible to pay in all the payment terminals where your card is supposed to pay. Open the Samsung pay app and select your payment card and press pay. Then fetch your phone near the payment terminal. It prompts you to verify that after you verify you can pay by using your Fingerprint, Iris scanner or the Pin. 

Google Pay 

Google Pay is a digital wallet, that is used to pay or make transaction by scanning the barcode. You can use the UPI ID to get registered in google pay. It needs that account to has an internet banking facility. So, you can send or receive payment by using the UPI ID. It also provides you reward to make the transaction in the google pay. The Google Pay is developed by the Google to make tap to pay purchase, power in-app. It lets the Android phones, watches and the tablets to pay using it. It also has many clients so that is very very easy to pay for its partner apps.  

Pay using your phone 

In Google Pay, slide to the bottom and tap New option. There in search bar, there you can find yourpartner to pay or buy using the UPI ID, Phone number, or you can scan to pay. Then select your account to pay. Now it asks for   

PayPal One Touch 

PayPal is the universal platform to shop and make a transaction. It has a continent way to pay that the merchants of PayPal will use their link in their sites and apps to make transactions or buy through it. They also allow you to make an international transaction in a very high secured manner. The PayPal allows you to have no fees for your transactions. They are also be a virtual universal payment method in nowadays. The PayPal allows you to make foreign currency transactions. 

Pay using your phone 

Provide your PayPal login detail in Activate One Touch. When the authentication is verified, it will prompt you with the success message. Now your One Touch is activated, you can shop now faster and seamlessly using the PayPal One Touch. 


Venmo is a mobile payment service company. This is owned by the PayPal. This is available in United States of America, that is the both sender and the receiver must be in the US. The Venmo needs you to add your bank account and the debit cards, credits cards are options to you that you can add it later. But while you use credit cards it charges 3 percent for each transaction. Venmo is kept encrypted to make sure that our transactions and app data to be secured. 

Pay using your phone 

Open the Venmo app and tap the Venmo app icon. There you need to tap the pay or request icon, then select the recipient. Now it asks you the amount to be entered and you can add note of it. Then it confirms you with the amount to be sent to whom. After it prompts tap pay. 


Zelle is a United States of America based digital payment network. You can send and receive payments using Zelle. It is simple to enroll, that you can enroll it by your email address or the United States mobile number. Zelle does not charge to send or receive money. Zelle is used by Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, US Bank, Citibank and Wells Fargo. 

Pay using your phone 

Open the Zelle app. Pick the person you want to pay, you can pick them by using the email address with the Zelle or Unites States mobile number. Enter the amount you need to send. Now review the memo and confirm it to pay. 

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