You can manage your everyday life by Google Home. Google Home is Voice based virtual Assistant, It will make up a conversation with you and it fulfill your needs. Google Home lets you ask questions, you can play songs, movies, etc. It can control your smart devices, which you have connected to it. You can control them by saying simple commands to Google Home. You can be able to make reminders, schedule, book dinner, etc. Google Home comes up with the hands free environment, news and more. From Google Home, you can get Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. That is you can control Google Home with just your voice. It will do its services for you at whatever it recognises your voice. You can create your own shopping list, events, reminders and more. 

Best things to do with Google Home 

Music Alarm

Usually you set an alarm on your devices, but Google Home comes with a music alarm. That is you can set an alarm and it will play your desired music to remind you. You can do it just by saying “Hey Google – Set a music alarm for 7 minutes”, then it will ask for what music you like to play; So here you can say your desired music to play, when the time triggers out it will remind you. 

Relaxing sounds

Google Home plays you a relaxing music playlist. You can also have a sound which is kind of natural like firecrackers, animals, grinding, etc. This will make you enjoy those all precious sounds, so that you can even teach your children to make know about that. Google Home comes up with these kinds of sounds by just saying “Hey Google – play some relaxing sounds” or “Hey Google – play rain sounds”. It will let you have these sounds by playing it on its own speakers.

Multiple Commands

Yes! Google Home can understand multiple sounds. It can be done by just adding up ‘and’ and ‘then’ with your multiple commands. So, that the Google Home can complete more tasks by adding up these with your commands to part it. For example, if you need to play a song and have a maximum sound in it, you can just say “Hey Google – play Havana and turn the volume to 100%”.


Broadcast is a pretty cool features in Google Home, that is you can make your own broadcast. For example, if you need to call your family members at home for lunch. You can make it by having your Google Home to get connected with the Multiple devices. Then by saying it “Hey Google – Broadcast breakfast is ready”. Now Google Home will broadcast it to all the google devices connected to your family members.

Multi-room Audio

The Google Home can connect your google devices and speakers to cast your audio in all the desired speakers you are connected to in a group. Google Home lets you connect your devices along in google home app. There you can add your devices and you can create a group to play your desired audio in multiple devices simultaneously. For example, you have created a homegroup and connected your desired devices in it. Now you can cast your audio by saying “Hey Google – Play Havana on homegroup”.

Custom Commands

You can create your own commands, so that your Google Home will perform one or more tasks whenever you say that command. For example, consider that you want google home to play relaxing songs and set your hue lights turn gold and set the brightness to 7% at the time when you have to relax.. It can also done manually in your google home app, by following these commands; In Google Home app > Sidebar > More Settings > Shortcuts > Click on the “+” floating button on the bottom. So, that you can create a custom command like “Relaxing time” and give those commands to do. Then say “Hey Google – Relaxing Time”.

Remember Stuffs

You can remember where you had placed your stuff by Google Home. For that you need to say where your stuff is placed, so that when you ask your Google Home where it is; It will remind you as you said before. For example, if you put your College Certificate on your desk drawer, then say “Hey Google – Remember that my College Certificate is in my desk drawer“. Then someday if you need to know where your Certificate is; You can ask “Hey Google – Where is my passport”. You can also make Google Home to forget about it by saying “Hey Google – Forget about my College certificate”.

Google Home App

You can get your Google Home App for Android and iOS devices by the following Links

Android – Go to Play Store

iOS- Go to App Store

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