Smart TV Remote skills

Alexa is a virtual AI assistance developed by the Amazon, it can work with Amazon Alexa built-in products and Alexa Compatible smart home devices. The Amazon Alexa can let you to control your devices with the Voice based service. It is done simply say your commands just by calling “Alexa”. Amazon Alexa can come with the Speakers and Receivers, Personal Computers, Vehicles, Smart home, Headphones, Smart TVs and Screens. Amazon can come up with the International availability by the supported languages as English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi. 

Here we are going to see about the Smart TV Remote, this remote comes up with the smart features kinda getting a voice input, very easy and direct buttons to manage your tv. They can be enabled with the other Alexa devices like Echo, phone and Alexa Tv. So, that Alexa devices can control your remote by saying these commands to it like “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to turn on my TV”, “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to switch to channel 3”, “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to increase volume by 5”, etc. 

You can also have your Smart TV Remote in your Smartphone as Application, so that you can control your smart Tv. You can get the app clicking the following link. 

Play Store (Android Devices) – Click Here

To Connect Echo and the App 

After downloading the Smart Tv app, follow these steps to connect it with Amazon Echo. 


  1. In Amazon Echo, go to settings and click register. 
  2. After registering, you will receive the code in your app. 
  3. To connect it with the Echo you can just say “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to register my phone with code XXXX”. 
  4. Now you all finished, you can control your Tv by voice. 

You can also disable the control features without removing the connection between it. 

Commands to use 

TV Control

You can control your Tv by voice by using these commands, this will execute the operation of your Tv’s external controls kinda you can turn on, turn off. Here are the some of the commands. 

Turn my TV on – You can say this command by calling the Alexa, so that it can allow you to turn on the Tv. 
Make my TV on – This will also make your Tv to Turn on it. 
Turn on my TV – It power on your Tv. 
TV on – It is a very simple command to on Tv. 
Turn my TV off – It will Turn power off your Tv. 
Make my TV off – It will make off your Tv. 
TV off – It is a very simple command to off Tv.


How Smartthings Kitchen is supported by Smartphones?

The Smartthing’s Kitchen is an advanced technology to keep your kitchen cook. This kitchen comes with everything to connected with your phone. So, that you can have a control of your kitchen anywhere and anytime. The Smartthing Kitchen is of fully a advanced and connected with each other. They work by supporting each other, to make you have a new way to handle your kitchen. These stuffs are smartly fitted in your kitchen and they have a contact with each other. These stuffs help you to cook out your recipes in a new way by supporting you smartly. They can also guide you to cook if you want. They are said to be the smart kitchen because you have your record of your recipes if you want and you can also have the stuffs to get cooked precisely to make your food delicious. 

What is Smartthing’s Kitchen? 

The Smartthing’s Kitchen comes with the entire control of the kitchen will comes in control using your smartphone. Your smartphone is connected with all the products of smartthings in the kitchen. They will be interlinked and it will work co-operatively. The Smartthing’s kitchen gives you a new experience of a fully automated process to help you cook out. It can guide you; it can help you to cook a new recipe by guiding you step by step process. It cooks for you in a very precise temperature according to your recipe. They have the information to set temperature based on the type of the food. It will automatically set their preferences to cook. 

Products of Smartthing’s kitchen 

We are going about the products of the smartthing’s kitchen. These products will be in your kitchen which is going to make your kitchen to get smarter. The products are the following below: 

  1. Refrigerator 
  2. Cooktop with the oven 
  3. Dishwasher 
  4. Microwave 

These products will be wirelessly connected to your smartphones and it will be controlled by you. It allows you to monitor your products work. 


The Refrigerator has four door with the Family Hub. It is connected with the smartthings to get controlled by your phone. This smart Refrigerator has the Family Hub with a screen on the door. That will make to manage the refrigerator to get customized with your items in the fridge. It will also alert about the items to be re-filled if it is not available or low. This smart product will find you the routines items and the favorite items that are used frequently in the home. They will make you to get a faster cooling system to the specific area to get your stuff ready to serve. They will be kept tracking on your products. So, that it can be easily send you notification about your needs in the kitchen, so that you can get your items to be remembered by this Smart Refrigerator. It automatically adds the missing items to your shopping list. 

Highlights: Family Hub, Flexzone, Built-in Camera, Bixby Voice. 

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