Parental Guidelines to safeguard your children in Android [Google Family Link]

Nowadays in our people life’s electronic devices play an important role and taking part of our life. But our children do use phones and tablets. But we can’t able to always monitor what they are using for their phones and tablets. They are getting into digital addiction like in the ways of spending their time in the devices for a long time, playing games, watching movies, etc. But we can’t be sure about what they are to be in the internet world. But also, they want to gain knowledge about the digital world. I think that’s will be one of the biggest problems which have meet by the parents. But now your problems have gone far away from us by Google Family Link, Yes! 

Parents are recommended to have Google Family Link to create healthy digital habits to their children. So, by having this you can able to monetarize your kid’s activities and control them in digital world. You can able to create Google account for your children with providing the parent account authorization. Google Family Link app will be available to the children who are under the age of 13(or applicable age in your country). Here we gonna see about Downloading & Setting up Google Family link and its Features. 

Downloading & Setting up Family link 

Here are the steps to Setup the Family link to make a better and safe life to your kids: 


Parents Device 

  1. Download “Google Family Link for parents” app from the Play store (Android) or App Store (IOS). 
  2. Create an Email for your kid, it will ask you to give a parent account to make this account get created. This app supports to add your kid only if they are under 13(or applicable age in your country) 
  3. You are able to control your kid’s device by having logged-in into the Google Family Link for Parents app with your Google account with you had provided to create your kids google account. 

Children & Teens Device 

  1. Now Download ” Google Family Link for children & teens” app from Play store (Android) or App Store (IOS). 

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