Samsung mobiles hidden Secret Code for Galaxy Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy series is started since 2015, it manufactures smartphones and smart watches. It uses custom user interface which is called as One UI. These series come up with the Google’s Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy S series are the flagship and high-end smartphones in Samsung. Samsung Galaxy series are S and Note which are high-end models; A and M series are mid-range and low-end models.  

To find out the hidden service menu, we use secret codes like to upgrade firmware, to test sensors, and to get hardware information like camera, battery, etc. It is accessed by dialing some codes in the phone dialer of our phone, so that we can get the full information that we need. Obviously, it helps us to have full information we needed with just by dialing the codes. 

How to use a secret code in Samsung Galaxy mobiles 

It is very simple to use the codes to get result. Follow these steps to get benefits by using these codes: 

  1. Open Phone dialer in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  2. Just dial the secret codes in the dialer 
  3. At the end of the last digit in the secret code you will get process started   
  4. And u get the result automatically 

Secret codes of Samsung Galaxy mobiles 

Here you will find the secret codes and the result displayed for that codes. Let’s see the following codes and results: 

IMEI and S/N 

It shows the phones International mobile station equipment identity (IMEI) number and the S/N. Here how to use it 

Secret code: *#06# 

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