Smart TV Remote skills

Alexa is a virtual AI assistance developed by the Amazon, it can work with Amazon Alexa built-in products and Alexa Compatible smart home devices. The Amazon Alexa can let you to control your devices with the Voice based service. It is done simply say your commands just by calling “Alexa”. Amazon Alexa can come with the Speakers and Receivers, Personal Computers, Vehicles, Smart home, Headphones, Smart TVs and Screens. Amazon can come up with the International availability by the supported languages as English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi. 

Here we are going to see about the Smart TV Remote, this remote comes up with the smart features kinda getting a voice input, very easy and direct buttons to manage your tv. They can be enabled with the other Alexa devices like Echo, phone and Alexa Tv. So, that Alexa devices can control your remote by saying these commands to it like “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to turn on my TV”, “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to switch to channel 3”, “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to increase volume by 5”, etc. 

You can also have your Smart TV Remote in your Smartphone as Application, so that you can control your smart Tv. You can get the app clicking the following link. 

Play Store (Android Devices) – Click Here

To Connect Echo and the App 

After downloading the Smart Tv app, follow these steps to connect it with Amazon Echo. 


  1. In Amazon Echo, go to settings and click register. 
  2. After registering, you will receive the code in your app. 
  3. To connect it with the Echo you can just say “Alexa, tell Smart Remote to register my phone with code XXXX”. 
  4. Now you all finished, you can control your Tv by voice. 

You can also disable the control features without removing the connection between it. 

Commands to use 

TV Control

You can control your Tv by voice by using these commands, this will execute the operation of your Tv’s external controls kinda you can turn on, turn off. Here are the some of the commands. 

Turn my TV on – You can say this command by calling the Alexa, so that it can allow you to turn on the Tv. 
Make my TV on – This will also make your Tv to Turn on it. 
Turn on my TV – It power on your Tv. 
TV on – It is a very simple command to on Tv. 
Turn my TV off – It will Turn power off your Tv. 
Make my TV off – It will make off your Tv. 
TV off – It is a very simple command to off Tv.


Best things to do with Alexa device

A most natural way to interact with technology is by people talking to it. Here it comes up with Alexa, which answers you in a second and will make you up with conversations. Alexa is called as a Brain more than its voice of echo. Alexa’s Brain is connected with millions of Alexa enabled devices for understanding and questions to reply in seconds. The Alexa comes up with infinite abilities which is called as a Skills. Alexa Developers have already created so many skills in Alexa. They Developing Alexa to have skills that can meet you with a daily life kind of House services, to plan dinner, ordering food, extra. The Alexa made investment of $100 million in voice technology innovation. Here are best things to do with Alexa device.  

Best things to do with Alexa 

Play games 

There are so many games and quizzes are available to play with the Amazon Alexa device like Trivia hero, is a kind of game which actually plays a quiz with you. There you can also have multiplayer mode, so that you can able to play with your friends. The Greatness is you people will play with Alexa by making a conversation with it. There are so many games available in the Alexa which will be more interesting. 

Control your Television 

The Alexa will allow you to control your Tv by commands. The Alexa has to be connected with the television you going to use, so that I will be controlling your Tv with a few commands you just say it. You can even Turn on your Tv and just move on directly to your show or channel, by saying a single command to Alexa. It will automatically turn on your Tv and set’s the channel to you. There are so many commands available to control your tv with Alexa in a much easier way. 

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