Do you know a thing? Big Businesses, Organizations and Governments uses the VPN to make secure their data. Because the VPN hides your identity and makes your data encrypted. The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN helps you to surf you anonymously on the web. The problem that occurs when you are not using VPN is you are sending your IP address and lot of information; so, by using these information hackers can intercept to your data. The websites you are using visit will also gather your information but it is not a problem, in sometimes you need to hide your identity in privacy; it is done by VPN. While using VPN it uses the tunnel encryption to make end to end process, and you can also change your location to get accessed with lot of option like accessing a lot like US catalog in streaming like Netflix and Hulu. While before accessing the streaming websites make sure your VPN supports streaming. 

The Best of VPN 

No. 1 


ExpressVPN is the No. 1 trust worthy VPN, it uses own DNS (Domain Name System) which means it never keeps logs and never limits your access to several websites. It supports 5 devices. ExpressVPN comes with an essential feature which is Kill switch, this kill switch is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux. This VPN has a very useful tool like Password generator, IP address checker, etc. for free. It is best for streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. They have 3000 servers across 94 countries to surf on web, In this 3% of servers are Virtual servers. The ExpressVPN are available in Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux, Kodi, Selected Routers (Asus, Netgear). This ExpressVPN is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions. ExpressVPN is has excellent customer service, so it is very awesome stuff have it. 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension, Selected Routers 

Streaming: Yes 

Average Speed: 106 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 5 Devices 

Rating: Perfect VPN 

No. 2 


NordVPN provides you a secure and encrypted tunnel for your surfing.  It helps to have your browsing with yourself even if you are using public Wi-Fi. It supports 6 devices. NordVPN has a features of Dedicated IP servers which will be make you encrypted with the next-generation security standard recommended by the NSA, Onion Over VPN servers gives you the maximum security by combining the benefits of NordVPN with anonymizing powers of the Onion Router, It gives you a P2P connection and you don’t have any logs and no bandwidth limits for you. The NordVPN’s Double VPN servers will make you double encrypted so that you will be strongly protected. If the VPN drops you will be suddenly supported with the Killswitch. The NordVPN is available in Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension. It has the good support to watch the streaming websites like Netflix, HULU, etc. The NordVPN has the 24×7 support to customers, that it supports with Help Center, email support, and live chat. 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension 

Streaming: Yes 

Average Speed: 115 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 6 Devices 

Rating: Faster VPN 

No. 3 


TunnelBear is a great option for lot of people, because it comes with a balanced features and price to afford, it cost $60 per year. It supports 5 devices and has a killer support and faster speed like it has a 120 to 150 Mbps download speed and 200 Mbps for upload speed. TunnelBear has no logs and don’t collects your IP address, Browsing History or DNS quires. TunnelBear are available in Mac, Windows, IOS, Android platforms. They had a quick response to those who seeks customer support. But TunnelBear does not support Streaming, so that for those who looking VPN for streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO will not support. So, TunnelBear VPN is good option for those who surf online. TunnelBear comes up with the 500 Megabytes free per month.  

Platform: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android 

Streaming: No 

Average Speed: 40 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 5 Devices 

Rating: Balanced VPN 

No. 4 

Private Internet Access (PIA) 

PIA is a best budget VPN, if you are looking for a cheapest VPN then PIA costs just $40 per year which provides you a good experience. It allows you to connect 5 devices per account and gives a good quality of VPN to surf. Here the PIA does not advertise that it has a streaming support, but sometimes it supports streaming and sometimes it may not be. It has 2731+ servers across 47 countries. It is compatible with the Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, Firefox and Chrome Extension. PIA supports you with the P2P connection, block ads, malware and trackers. It comes with the SOCKS5 Proxy and it has no traffic logs. 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Firefox and Chrome Extension 

Streaming: No (it doesn’t advertise but Sometimes) 

Average Speed: 34 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 5 Devices 

Rating: Budget VPN 

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