AR is known as the augmented reality. An Experience of a real-world environment where the objects reside in the real world is known as the Augmented Reality. The AR is a computer-generated perceptual information. It is a type of interactive and reality-based display environment. It just augments the related objects in the real-world environment, so that it looks to be the objects that will come true to make the objects live. So, the objects are augmented and make our needs to be fulfilled. And it also supports with our daily routines. The make the new behavior of the objects automatically to make help us. The AR are most conveniently supported to us and can be controlled by us with our smartphones. The AR Applications are available for both the Android and IOS. 

The Top 10 AR application for the Play store are the following: 

Augment – 3D Augmented Reality 

This Augment app allows you to visualize the 3d objects to be placed in the real world. So that the user can virtually view how the object best suits the place. The 3d model of an object augments there like how the position of the object will be placed and the object will be changing its size to view dynamically to show the existence of the object according to the distance. So, here you can generally create your favorite model of your own stuff and you can able to place them virtually. So that you can see how the object suits in the place. 

Usage: Augments an instance object virtually in real place. 

To download from Play Store: click here

Pokémon Go 

Pokémon Go is a best augmented reality game. It places the Pokémon according to your location, so that you will find a Pokémon nearby your area in map. When you move and once you reach the destination. You will be able to find the Pokémon in that place virtually through your phone camera. Here in that place the Pokémon is virtually roaming in that place, there you need to find it. So, this is how the augmented reality is used in this game.  

Usage: Augments an instance object virtually in real place. 

To download from Play Store: click here 

Knightfall AR 

Knightfall AR is an augmented reality game, where the game will be played in front of you in the house. The virtually fits in the area in front of you and make the game to come live in your place. This game contains a immersive experience of wars so that they will perform a war in a 3d graphics in your area virtually. The experience of viewing the battle game virtually in your area will make this game to be more interesting by using Augmented Reality. 

Usage:  A experience that makes you move around the battlefield physically. 

To download from Play Store: click here

Just a Line 

This app allows you to you to make simple drawings, so that the drawings will become the augmented reality object. That will be placed in virtually in your place, and you can able to view the object live using this app. This makes the object to come virtually true in your area and you can able to have fun with this object like making snaps and videos on it. So, by making our own object easily and it instantly makes our object to get augmented at a few seconds virtually. 

Usage: Create an object instantly and augment it in a few seconds 

To download from Play Store: click here

Quiver – 3D Coloring App 

This app will do identify the drawing you done and it will find the objects in it. Then the objects will be made as a 3D object and it will become augment to your real-world. According to the type of object its perform its behavior. The objects will come live will make some activities. This Quiver app will enable the children and adults to explore their arts and to make the augment it in the real world. 

Usage: Make your drawings to get alive virtually and augment it with the real world. 

To download from Play Store: click here


Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality is the app which make the 3d objects to be augmented in our real world. So, that by augmenting the model in our place so that they can be able to make a action live in the real world. That action can be captured made as a video. For making the augmented reality with our desired 3d objects makes this app to occupy this place. 

Usage: Make videos with your desired 3d models to be augmented in the real world. 

To download from Play Store: click here

AR Ruler 

AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera to Plan is the application that is used to measure the object in the real world. For measuring a object the Augmented reality technology is used to get done it. It allows you to measures the sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, and yard. It allows you to measure the angle of the objects. You can select the object and measure its size and its angle it is actually in it. You can also save it for the later user. It also generates plan projection and it exports in the PDF format. 

Usage: Measures the angle and size of the real world objects. 

To download from Play Store: click here

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