TOF is Time-of-flight, it is mainly used to get 3D information of the objects that is placed in the capturing scene. So you can get the depth of the objects placed I the pictures or videos. It allows you to have the detailed information of the objects placed in the pictures, so that it is possible to have the positions of the objects by its information by TOF. The role of the TOF 3D camera is to get information about the depth of the objects by illuminating the scenes by the its technique. 

Why TOF is used? 

The techniques are used to capture the 3D images are light in motion, stereo structures and time of flight. The light in motion uses the scanner along with the camera. So that the light in motion uses the camera to scan while capture the scene. That runs a scanner on the scene to capture the depth of images so that it can collect the positions of the objects by scanning it.  

But TOF doesn’t require the scanner to known its depth, the used to illuminate a scene by using a pulsed or continuous wave-light to scatter on the objects on the scene, and it observes the reflected light to know its depth and position of the objects to provide a better quality image and videos. 

Principle of TOF 

The Time of flight uses the continuous waves to detect the phase of shift, so that we can detect the objects on the scene by using the reflected light. Modulating the amplitude creates the light source of the sinusoidal form with a familiar frequency so they can fall on the images to identify the light source to detect objects. A detector in the TOF 3D camera used to detect the phase shift of the reflected light from the objects.  

No matter what technique is used in the scene, It is just to capture all the points on the scene to know the depth information.  

The TOF image looks like a Pseudo color image that is used to get the depth information’s of the image by using it. 

RED   – Close 

BLUE – Far 

Components of TOF 

  1. Lens 
  2. Integrated light source 
  3. Sensor 
  4. Interface  

Here the lens used to capture the scene, the Integrated light source which allows you to generate a light, a sensor that stores all the captured information, and the Interface is used to deliver the information to the device.

 Features of the TOF 

  1. The TOF 3D cameras works in a faster manner to capture a shot with all the points in the scene which will be taking all the points of the object in the scene with a single click. 
  2. It is very simple to use, the user gets no difficulty in using this TOF with any technical errors. So, they are ease to use. 
  3. It is worth of value for what it cost. It makes a reliable information of the objects with a low cost and in a efficient manner. 
  4. It is easy to install in the phone’s and electronic devices, so that is very possible ease to install in the gadgets. 


  1. Compact construction is the first advantage that the TOF 3D camera comes with. 
  2. It is very easy to use, I.e., It is user friendly and supports all the features to be used easily. 
  3. Accuracy of object is captured in a very precise manner. 
  4. It captures the scenes in the high frame rates, so that they can give u a better quality of image with its depth. 


Expensive time detector is needed to complete the operation. 

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