Here are the things you to expect in the Apple Event October 2020

Apple has announced his event date! It is to be conducted at October 13, 2020. At the Apple event, the announced products it to be available for pre-order in 16th October. And, it will be available in stores on 23rd October. The most excited product in this apple event is for Apple iPhone 12, Yeah! It is to be announced in this event. “Hi, Speed” is the name of this event because of apple is yet to release products in 5G technology and a new 814 Chip. If you wish to watch live event of Apple, you can join it in online at apple website on October 23rd at 10:00 AM (PDT). What to expect in this event? Nine things to expect from the Apple’s October Event, but iPhone 12 mini has been delayed due to COVID-19. Ok, let’s see about the expected thing here. 

iPhone 12 

iPhone 12 yet to release in the apple October event. The iPhone 12 display size remains to be same as the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 is to come up with the new features, they are OLED panel, improved face ID. The frame of the iPhone 12 is in a kind of flat frame. This phone has Dual camera and the battery size of iPhone 12 is expected to be 2815 which is less than iPhone 11. So, the iPhone 12 is to look like thinner than the iPhone 11. iPhone 12 is to release in the variants of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. The price of the iPhone 12 is starting from $750. 

iPhone 12 Pro 

iPhone 12 Pro will have similar appearance like the iPhone 12, but with a slight improvement. iPhone 12 Pro will have Tripple lens camera which includes Telephoto lens, Lidar sensor. The frame of the iPhone 12 Por is to have Aluminum frame rather than the Stainless steel which is placed in iPhone 12. It comes with 128GB, 256Gb, 512GB storage variants. iPhone 12 is starting from $1000. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max 

iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.7 inches display panel which is the largest ever made in iPhone. The battery size is to be 3687 mAh. iPhone 12 Pro Max has the similar specifications as the iPhone 12 Pro has. It comes with 128GB, 256Gb, 512GB storage variants. iPhone 12 is starting from $1100. 

Apple AirTags


World’s Best Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones are the headphones which can be connected to a smartphone, television, computer, gaming consoles and extra without using a physical connection like wire or cable. Then, how do they connect? They can be connected by just pairing your wireless headphone with your desired devices; Mostly it is paired by Bluetooth. If you are looking for wireless headphones you will be frequently heard about Noise Cancelling. Yeah! It is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), it reduces the unwanted ambient sounds around you in live. These types of wireless headphones will come with lot of features like Voice Assistant, hand-free calling, touch controls, extra. It also works with automatic play and pause features. You can also connect your wireless headphone with multiple devices, so that you can have multiple control environment in your hands. Okay, let’s see about the top best wireless headphones in the market. 

Top wireless headphones in market 

Sony WH-1000XM4 

It is a most advanced noise cancelling wireless headphone with a premium sound quality and lot of features. This wireless headphone has an Industry-leading noise cancellation which will make you hear every word, note, and has an incredible quality. In addition, these noise cancelling headphones feature microphones will assist in isolating sound. It uses HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1 to capture ambient noise by using microphones which is placed on each side of the earcups. It uses noise-canceling in real time to acoustic environments. This headphone uses DSEE Extreme, it will dynamically be recognizing musical genres, instrumentation and individual elements of each song; For rich experience it restores the high-range sound lost in compression. 

Highlight: Personal noise canceling optimizer and atmospheric pressure optimizing 

Frequency Response: 4 Hz-40,000 Hz 

Battery Life: Max. 30 hours 

Bose 700 

It is a Noise cancelling headphone which is best for music and calls. Bose 700 uses the Active noise cancelling technology (ANC), which will monitor the sounds around you by using the microphones in both inside and outside of the earcups. You can hear what you want, Looks interesting right? Bose 700 offers you to have 11 settings which range from full noise cancelling to full transparency. So, here the full noise cancelling helps to get isolate from your surroundings; full transparency which will let your surroundings while you wearing headphones. These 11 settings can be achieved by clicking a button placed which is placed at the side of the earcup. The Bose 700 comes up with 6 mics to work together to cancel the noise around you to have a crystal-clear conversation while you are in a call. So, this will make you have better conversation in call by isolating your speech in real-time. 

Highlight: Power full noise cancellation, unrivaled voice pickup and best for music and calls. 

Touch controls: Speak, swipe, or touch 

Battery Life: Max. 20 hours 

Apple Airpods Pro 

It is equipped with Active noise cancellation. Airpods pro is an earbud which is a hype in Apple’s history of music. This Airpods will reduce the background noise in while you are in a call, and it will make your voice more audible. It has a great in-ear stability and sound quality. Airpods pro is developed to fit your ear shape by adaptive EQ which will automatically tunes the low and mid frequencies. The Apple airpods pro comes with auto-switching between Apple devices. Airpods pro comes up with the Siri (Apple’s Voice Assistant) and touch controls. So that you don’t have to touch your smartphone. You can also connect your Airpods pro with the Apple watch. 

Highlight: Transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you 

Touch controls: Tap, Double tap, Triple tap, Long press, “Hey Siri” 

Battery life: More than 24 hours of listening time. 


The Best of VPN

Do you know a thing? Big Businesses, Organizations and Governments uses the VPN to make secure their data. Because the VPN hides your identity and makes your data encrypted. The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN helps you to surf you anonymously on the web. The problem that occurs when you are not using VPN is you are sending your IP address and lot of information; so, by using these information hackers can intercept to your data. The websites you are using visit will also gather your information but it is not a problem, in sometimes you need to hide your identity in privacy; it is done by VPN. While using VPN it uses the tunnel encryption to make end to end process, and you can also change your location to get accessed with lot of option like accessing a lot like US catalog in streaming like Netflix and Hulu. While before accessing the streaming websites make sure your VPN supports streaming. 

The Best of VPN 

No. 1 


ExpressVPN is the No. 1 trust worthy VPN, it uses own DNS (Domain Name System) which means it never keeps logs and never limits your access to several websites. It supports 5 devices. ExpressVPN comes with an essential feature which is Kill switch, this kill switch is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux. This VPN has a very useful tool like Password generator, IP address checker, etc. for free. It is best for streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. They have 3000 servers across 94 countries to surf on web, In this 3% of servers are Virtual servers. The ExpressVPN are available in Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux, Kodi, Selected Routers (Asus, Netgear). This ExpressVPN is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions. ExpressVPN is has excellent customer service, so it is very awesome stuff have it. 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension, Selected Routers 

Streaming: Yes 

Average Speed: 106 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 5 Devices 

Rating: Perfect VPN 

No. 2 


NordVPN provides you a secure and encrypted tunnel for your surfing.  It helps to have your browsing with yourself even if you are using public Wi-Fi. It supports 6 devices. NordVPN has a features of Dedicated IP servers which will be make you encrypted with the next-generation security standard recommended by the NSA, Onion Over VPN servers gives you the maximum security by combining the benefits of NordVPN with anonymizing powers of the Onion Router, It gives you a P2P connection and you don’t have any logs and no bandwidth limits for you. The NordVPN’s Double VPN servers will make you double encrypted so that you will be strongly protected. If the VPN drops you will be suddenly supported with the Killswitch. The NordVPN is available in Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension. It has the good support to watch the streaming websites like Netflix, HULU, etc. The NordVPN has the 24×7 support to customers, that it supports with Help Center, email support, and live chat. 


Best IOT Devices

IOT or Internet of Things are the stuffs which will help to interact with our lifestyle like the Air Conditioners you can control with your smartphone, smart cars providing shortest path; Almost everything you can have with IOT.  Nowadays, IOT can take part in all of our daily routine and it will help us to reach it out faster. For example, the IOT is placed on the Air Conditioner’s outdoor unit; So that it can monitor the health it. Now it can help you to call the service provider or it can automatically book for service by permitting it. In like those ways you can monitor and control all your stuffs with these IOT Devices.  

Best IOT Devices 

Google Home 

You can manage your everyday life by Google Home. Google Home is Voice based virtual Assistant, It will make up a conversation with you and it fulfill your needs. Google Home lets you ask questions, you can play songs, movies, etc. It can control your smart devices, which you have connected to it. You can control them by saying simple commands to Google Home. You can be able to make reminders, schedule, book dinner, etc. Google Home comes up with the hands-free environment, news and more. From Google Home, you can get Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. That is, you can control Google Home with just your voice. It will do its services for you at whatever it recognizes your voice. You can create your own shopping list, events, reminders and more. 

View more about Google Home 

Price: $50 

Amazon Echo Plus 

A most natural way to interact with technology is by people talking to it. Here it comes up with Amazon Echo Plus, which answers you in a second and will make you up with conversations. Amazon Echo Plus is called as a Brain more than its voice of echo. Amazon Echo Plus’s Brain is connected with millions of Amazon Echo Plus enabled devices for understanding and questions to reply in seconds. The Amazon Echo Plus comes up with infinite abilities which is called as a Skills. Amazon Echo Plus Developers have already created so many skills in Amazon Echo Plus. They Developing Amazon Echo Plus to have skills that can meet you with a daily life kind of House services, to plan dinner, ordering food, extra. The Amazon Echo Plus made investment of $100 million in voice technology innovation. Here are best things to do with Amazon Echo Plus device. 

View more about Amazon’s Alexa Devices 

Price: $100 

Amazon Dash Buttons 

The Amazon Dash Buttons will place the order for things that you setup earlier. You can place the Dash Button were ever you want it by peeling the cover and stick it. So, when you think your stuff is needed you don’t need to remember later or spend time to order it. You can just simply press the button so that it will place order of it, so that you can have it by couple of days. Once the order is placed you will receive a notification of it. When you Press the Dash Button, it shows either Green or Red Light. If a Green light is shown, means the order is successfully placed; Or if it shows Red light, your order has issue and is not placed due to reasons like out of stack, etc. There are different types of Amazon Dash Buttons which is almost more than 300 buttons. You can configure your Dash Button in Amazon app.

Price: $5 

Amazon App in Play Store: Click Here

Amazon App in App Store: Click Here

August Doorbell Cam 

The August Doorbell Cam is a kind of security cam devices, this is used to find what is going on in front of your house. It covers 120 Degree wide and records at 1280*960. At night time, the August Doorbell Cam is using the Infrared light to sense and capture what’s going on, but it will not be going on video motion detection. It is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa; and not compatible with Google or Apple HomeKit. When you are using the August Doorbell Cam you want to make subscription for cloud storage to store your recorded videos, it comes nearly around $200 for yearly subscription. 

Price: $200 


Best things to do with Google Home

You can manage your everyday life by Google Home. Google Home is Voice based virtual Assistant, It will make up a conversation with you and it fulfill your needs. Google Home lets you ask questions, you can play songs, movies, etc. It can control your smart devices, which you have connected to it. You can control them by saying simple commands to Google Home. You can be able to make reminders, schedule, book dinner, etc. Google Home comes up with the hands free environment, news and more. From Google Home, you can get Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. That is you can control Google Home with just your voice. It will do its services for you at whatever it recognises your voice. You can create your own shopping list, events, reminders and more. 

Best things to do with Google Home 

Music Alarm

Usually you set an alarm on your devices, but Google Home comes with a music alarm. That is you can set an alarm and it will play your desired music to remind you. You can do it just by saying “Hey Google – Set a music alarm for 7 minutes”, then it will ask for what music you like to play; So here you can say your desired music to play, when the time triggers out it will remind you. 

Relaxing sounds

Google Home plays you a relaxing music playlist. You can also have a sound which is kind of natural like firecrackers, animals, grinding, etc. This will make you enjoy those all precious sounds, so that you can even teach your children to make know about that. Google Home comes up with these kinds of sounds by just saying “Hey Google – play some relaxing sounds” or “Hey Google – play rain sounds”. It will let you have these sounds by playing it on its own speakers.

Multiple Commands

Yes! Google Home can understand multiple sounds. It can be done by just adding up ‘and’ and ‘then’ with your multiple commands. So, that the Google Home can complete more tasks by adding up these with your commands to part it. For example, if you need to play a song and have a maximum sound in it, you can just say “Hey Google – play Havana and turn the volume to 100%”.


Best things to do with Alexa device

A most natural way to interact with technology is by people talking to it. Here it comes up with Alexa, which answers you in a second and will make you up with conversations. Alexa is called as a Brain more than its voice of echo. Alexa’s Brain is connected with millions of Alexa enabled devices for understanding and questions to reply in seconds. The Alexa comes up with infinite abilities which is called as a Skills. Alexa Developers have already created so many skills in Alexa. They Developing Alexa to have skills that can meet you with a daily life kind of House services, to plan dinner, ordering food, extra. The Alexa made investment of $100 million in voice technology innovation. Here are best things to do with Alexa device.  

Best things to do with Alexa 

Play games 

There are so many games and quizzes are available to play with the Amazon Alexa device like Trivia hero, is a kind of game which actually plays a quiz with you. There you can also have multiplayer mode, so that you can able to play with your friends. The Greatness is you people will play with Alexa by making a conversation with it. There are so many games available in the Alexa which will be more interesting. 

Control your Television 

The Alexa will allow you to control your Tv by commands. The Alexa has to be connected with the television you going to use, so that I will be controlling your Tv with a few commands you just say it. You can even Turn on your Tv and just move on directly to your show or channel, by saying a single command to Alexa. It will automatically turn on your Tv and set’s the channel to you. There are so many commands available to control your tv with Alexa in a much easier way. 


Best and Secure Mobile Payment apps

Nowadays, in this world you no need to carry cash in your hand everywhere because of using your plastic cards as your digital money. So, now it is easy to made that you don’t need to have those plastic cards with you to use those money. You can have your cards in your trusted mobile payment applications. It is available in both the android and ios devices. You can easily and securely use your money anywhere where the cards can be in this world. Your Digital wallets, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and extra. These moneys will appear in your payment wallet, using your wallet you can pay and receive money using these applications. 

Why to payment apps  

The Mobile payment apps you to store your financial information’s of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, reward cards, etc.  These stored data will help you to have the future online payments to be done very easily. So, by having this you can shop easily and save a lot of time. These payment apps also use contact less payment technology. So, this the flagship feature of the payment. You don’t need to have your debit and credit cards on hand. It can be added to the payment app and you will be able to use this payment app instead of your physical presence of the debit and credit cards. 

Best Mobile Payment Apps  

Yes, there are a lot of payment apps available for the android and IOS devices. But, you need only the best and the trusted apps to use make use by our financial details. So, that here are some of the best mobile payments in the following. It is Both available Android and IOS devices in the Play store and App Store. 

  • Apple Pay 
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay 
  • PayPal One Touch 
  • Venmo 
  • Zelle 

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is the Apple’s payment app. That uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) embedded in the iPhones. By using the Near Field Communication (NFC) the Apple Pay will send the money to the receivers without a contactless manner. They have your card to be saved in your Apple Pay account so that they can easily know your financial details use your added cards (Debit and Credit cards) to pay. The Apple pay is only available in apple products. It can pay in all the areas where the cards can be accepted. The Apple Pay also comes in the Apple Watch. Yeah, it is awesome right! Now you can pay your payment even without taking out your phone. Your watch pays it. And Macbook can also allow you to pay troughApple pay to shop. You can follow the below information’s to know how to use it. 


7 Best VR Apps for smartphones

What is VR? 

VR is known Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is a computer technology used to create a simulated environment. It creates you an environment which is completely different from the world, which is a virtual world. It is mostly used for entertainment and education purposes. It is most immediately recognizable component. The Virtual Reality accessed by the Head-mount display (known as HMD). The Virtual places the user into the experience via HMD. Instead of viewing the screen the virtual reality lets you to experience it by interacting with the with 3D worlds. 

How the VR works? 

The Virtual Reality device (HMD) will put our screen to be split into two. In front of these interacting with these real worlds. The Lens of the VR Device will be auto focusing the simulated environment, so that they are using these Device. The Head mounted device will come up with the headphones with it and a VR Controller. So that it will completely make the device to access with the artificial world and control the objects.  Now you can able to see the virtual world through the lens and you can use the VR controller to perform actions in the virtual world. 

7 Best Apps for Virtual Reality 


This app lets you to have the view of 360 footage of the videos. So that you can enjoy the adventures by experiencing with a real feel, so it makes you to feel the real adventure feel and experience to you virtually. This app allows you to make the videos to get shot and you can upload it to the GoPro app. It automatically edits your video and so that you will never miss a great shot. This app will support you with HERO8, MAX, HERO7, Fusion, HERO6, HERO (2018), HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO+. 

Availability: For both Android and IOS 

Play Store: Click Here

App Store: Click Here


How Smartthings Kitchen is supported by Smartphones?

The Smartthing’s Kitchen is an advanced technology to keep your kitchen cook. This kitchen comes with everything to connected with your phone. So, that you can have a control of your kitchen anywhere and anytime. The Smartthing Kitchen is of fully a advanced and connected with each other. They work by supporting each other, to make you have a new way to handle your kitchen. These stuffs are smartly fitted in your kitchen and they have a contact with each other. These stuffs help you to cook out your recipes in a new way by supporting you smartly. They can also guide you to cook if you want. They are said to be the smart kitchen because you have your record of your recipes if you want and you can also have the stuffs to get cooked precisely to make your food delicious. 

What is Smartthing’s Kitchen? 

The Smartthing’s Kitchen comes with the entire control of the kitchen will comes in control using your smartphone. Your smartphone is connected with all the products of smartthings in the kitchen. They will be interlinked and it will work co-operatively. The Smartthing’s kitchen gives you a new experience of a fully automated process to help you cook out. It can guide you; it can help you to cook a new recipe by guiding you step by step process. It cooks for you in a very precise temperature according to your recipe. They have the information to set temperature based on the type of the food. It will automatically set their preferences to cook. 

Products of Smartthing’s kitchen 

We are going about the products of the smartthing’s kitchen. These products will be in your kitchen which is going to make your kitchen to get smarter. The products are the following below: 

  1. Refrigerator 
  2. Cooktop with the oven 
  3. Dishwasher 
  4. Microwave 

These products will be wirelessly connected to your smartphones and it will be controlled by you. It allows you to monitor your products work. 


The Refrigerator has four door with the Family Hub. It is connected with the smartthings to get controlled by your phone. This smart Refrigerator has the Family Hub with a screen on the door. That will make to manage the refrigerator to get customized with your items in the fridge. It will also alert about the items to be re-filled if it is not available or low. This smart product will find you the routines items and the favorite items that are used frequently in the home. They will make you to get a faster cooling system to the specific area to get your stuff ready to serve. They will be kept tracking on your products. So, that it can be easily send you notification about your needs in the kitchen, so that you can get your items to be remembered by this Smart Refrigerator. It automatically adds the missing items to your shopping list. 

Highlights: Family Hub, Flexzone, Built-in Camera, Bixby Voice. 


Top 10 High Graphics for Smartphones

Yes, the High graphics game can be played in the smartphones. The smartphones are also designed to play games in int. They are used to have a high-end game nowadays, which comes with the higher graphics, and within display controls. You can also connect the joystick for your gaming controls using the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi. There are more and more lovers for games in all the ages. The serious gamers are involving the more time in playing games. The Games are now interestingly available with the smartphones. The Smartphones are available in three types, they are: 

  1. Live Streaming Games 
  2. Offline Games 
  3. Offline Games with a local network connection 

These types of games come with low, medium and high graphics games, It depends on the game and your phone capacity. The Games are supposed to free to download and also in a paid version. These games come with the In-app purchase to unlock some epic features. 

Live Streaming Games 

The Live Streaming games are said to be a game which shares your current position and details of your game lively. So that it can- connect you with the other gamers, so you can play the game more lively. These types of games are required with a internet connection, which helps you to connect with other players. The Live streaming games are mostly coming with the high graphics. They are supposed to have a good internet connection to the make the game more live. The Live streaming games are available with the Play store for Android and App store for IOS platform games.  

The Top games of live streaming games 


Player’s Unknown Battle Ground is known as PUBG. This game is the most popular game which is played all over the world. This game is a Action based game. It is available for both the Android and IOS smartphones. It has a higher graphics. And, it is a high-end game. 

Category: Action 

Publisher: Tencent Games 

Rated: 16+ 

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