Trusted way you can Make Money for [FREE Play Store Credit]

It’s obviously true that you can get a free Play store credits. But there are also some scammers who make the beneficiaries to get wasting their time. Google Play Credit is a money which can be added through your bank cards and by buying Google play credits. The Google play credits can be brought in $10, $15, $25 increments. By using this you can credits you can put money into your account using Redeem option. But you can also have these credits for free! Here are the 3 best and legit ways to get an absolutely free Play Store credits. 

Google Opinion Rewards 

In Google Opinion Rewards you can make play store credits by answering the questions asked by them. Yes, off course it’s a simplest way and the easiest way to earn credits for free. It is officially sponsored by Google to get benefits to their user by supporting them. Let’s we see how to start it? 

It takes very simple setup to get earn form it! You just need get to Google Opinion Rewards app from play store. Then, you are supposed to complete the Profile that asks some simple question like gender, age, etc. After this you earn rewards by taking surveys. The rewards will be provided after completing each survey.  

In Google Opinion Rewards you will find more surveys by proving the honest answers to your questions. These Honest answers make you to get more rewards and more surveys. So, by taking more surveys you will earn more credits. 

The Highlight of these surveys are it is fortunately filled with very few questions. So, we have a high priority for this app to get free credits.  

Here are the Steps to get started: 

  • 1. Download the Google Opinion Rewards from the Play store. Click here to Download. 
  • 2. Create a Profile. 
  • 3. Take Survey to earn rewards. 

Top 5 Gaming Emulators for Android Games [Run PC/Mac]

To Run your favorite Games and apps on your PC / Mac; android emulator is a great way to access android apps on your computer many use an emulator for gaming to be able to use their keyboard mouse or game controller you can also run other types of android apps as well with so many emulators to choose from we have come up with a list of the top 5 android emulators for you PC/Mac, you can use this for your favorite android apps, Let us Look at the features availability in ease of use and the overall user experience to determine the best let’s get one for us. Lt us start the Top 5 Gaming Emulators for PC/Mac in Reverse Order from 5 to 1

KoPlayer for PC

Android Emulator KoPlayer for PC Only
5th Position Android Emulator KoPlayer for PC Only

KoPlayer whose main focus is gaming it allows you to record your gameplay and upload it wherever you want it also allows for key mapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard. When you first launch co player it will ask which mode that you want to maximize game performance select speed mode if you have run into any issues after starting.

KoPlayer you can switch to compatible mode later on in settings along the left you have several options here at the top selecting the keyboard icon will let you edit the keys for your keyboard if you’re using a game controller you can activate it and map it to you preferred layout to switch from landscape to portrait mode select the rotate screen icon you’ll also find other options for taking screenshots recording and site loading APK files many of the android emulators you have full access to the google play store to install apps just use caution like you would on your phone or tablet when choosing apps to install unfortunately on the home screen the app icons can’t be moved KoPlayer is completed free but like most emulators you’ll have to deal with the occasional ads.

Google Play Store

Google Play Distribution Agreement Update [Developer Console]

Google Recently send an alert to all the google play developer account holders regarding the changes made on their development distribution agreement (DDA) effective from December 5th 2019 Refer the developer distribution agreement here

Highlights of the DDA Update was includes the three major points that is App Review Process, Promotional Process and Paid App Fee Related.

Regarding App compliance, presently every new apps uploaded through google play console (developer console) review through automatic bot assigned to check DDA. Now Google Update the app review will go through manually with security partners regarding the app compliance agency to ensure with developer polices.

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