The Best of VPN

Do you know a thing? Big Businesses, Organizations and Governments uses the VPN to make secure their data. Because the VPN hides your identity and makes your data encrypted. The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN helps you to surf you anonymously on the web. The problem that occurs when you are not using VPN is you are sending your IP address and lot of information; so, by using these information hackers can intercept to your data. The websites you are using visit will also gather your information but it is not a problem, in sometimes you need to hide your identity in privacy; it is done by VPN. While using VPN it uses the tunnel encryption to make end to end process, and you can also change your location to get accessed with lot of option like accessing a lot like US catalog in streaming like Netflix and Hulu. While before accessing the streaming websites make sure your VPN supports streaming. 

The Best of VPN 

No. 1 


ExpressVPN is the No. 1 trust worthy VPN, it uses own DNS (Domain Name System) which means it never keeps logs and never limits your access to several websites. It supports 5 devices. ExpressVPN comes with an essential feature which is Kill switch, this kill switch is available in Windows, Mac, and Linux. This VPN has a very useful tool like Password generator, IP address checker, etc. for free. It is best for streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. They have 3000 servers across 94 countries to surf on web, In this 3% of servers are Virtual servers. The ExpressVPN are available in Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux, Kodi, Selected Routers (Asus, Netgear). This ExpressVPN is also available in Chrome and Firefox extensions. ExpressVPN is has excellent customer service, so it is very awesome stuff have it. 

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension, Selected Routers 

Streaming: Yes 

Average Speed: 106 Mbps 

Number of devices supported: 5 Devices 

Rating: Perfect VPN 

No. 2 


NordVPN provides you a secure and encrypted tunnel for your surfing.  It helps to have your browsing with yourself even if you are using public Wi-Fi. It supports 6 devices. NordVPN has a features of Dedicated IP servers which will be make you encrypted with the next-generation security standard recommended by the NSA, Onion Over VPN servers gives you the maximum security by combining the benefits of NordVPN with anonymizing powers of the Onion Router, It gives you a P2P connection and you don’t have any logs and no bandwidth limits for you. The NordVPN’s Double VPN servers will make you double encrypted so that you will be strongly protected. If the VPN drops you will be suddenly supported with the Killswitch. The NordVPN is available in Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, Android TV, Firefox and Chrome Extension. It has the good support to watch the streaming websites like Netflix, HULU, etc. The NordVPN has the 24×7 support to customers, that it supports with Help Center, email support, and live chat. 


7 Best VR Apps for smartphones

What is VR? 

VR is known Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is a computer technology used to create a simulated environment. It creates you an environment which is completely different from the world, which is a virtual world. It is mostly used for entertainment and education purposes. It is most immediately recognizable component. The Virtual Reality accessed by the Head-mount display (known as HMD). The Virtual places the user into the experience via HMD. Instead of viewing the screen the virtual reality lets you to experience it by interacting with the with 3D worlds. 

How the VR works? 

The Virtual Reality device (HMD) will put our screen to be split into two. In front of these interacting with these real worlds. The Lens of the VR Device will be auto focusing the simulated environment, so that they are using these Device. The Head mounted device will come up with the headphones with it and a VR Controller. So that it will completely make the device to access with the artificial world and control the objects.  Now you can able to see the virtual world through the lens and you can use the VR controller to perform actions in the virtual world. 

7 Best Apps for Virtual Reality 


This app lets you to have the view of 360 footage of the videos. So that you can enjoy the adventures by experiencing with a real feel, so it makes you to feel the real adventure feel and experience to you virtually. This app allows you to make the videos to get shot and you can upload it to the GoPro app. It automatically edits your video and so that you will never miss a great shot. This app will support you with HERO8, MAX, HERO7, Fusion, HERO6, HERO (2018), HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO+. 

Availability: For both Android and IOS 

Play Store: Click Here

App Store: Click Here


Top 5 Gaming Emulators for Android Games [Run PC/Mac]

To Run your favorite Games and apps on your PC / Mac; android emulator is a great way to access android apps on your computer many use an emulator for gaming to be able to use their keyboard mouse or game controller you can also run other types of android apps as well with so many emulators to choose from we have come up with a list of the top 5 android emulators for you PC/Mac, you can use this for your favorite android apps, Let us Look at the features availability in ease of use and the overall user experience to determine the best let’s get one for us. Lt us start the Top 5 Gaming Emulators for PC/Mac in Reverse Order from 5 to 1

KoPlayer for PC

Android Emulator KoPlayer for PC Only
5th Position Android Emulator KoPlayer for PC Only

KoPlayer whose main focus is gaming it allows you to record your gameplay and upload it wherever you want it also allows for key mapping to emulate a controller with your keyboard. When you first launch co player it will ask which mode that you want to maximize game performance select speed mode if you have run into any issues after starting.

KoPlayer you can switch to compatible mode later on in settings along the left you have several options here at the top selecting the keyboard icon will let you edit the keys for your keyboard if you’re using a game controller you can activate it and map it to you preferred layout to switch from landscape to portrait mode select the rotate screen icon you’ll also find other options for taking screenshots recording and site loading APK files many of the android emulators you have full access to the google play store to install apps just use caution like you would on your phone or tablet when choosing apps to install unfortunately on the home screen the app icons can’t be moved KoPlayer is completed free but like most emulators you’ll have to deal with the occasional ads.

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