World’s Best Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones are the headphones which can be connected to a smartphone, television, computer, gaming consoles and extra without using a physical connection like wire or cable. Then, how do they connect? They can be connected by just pairing your wireless headphone with your desired devices; Mostly it is paired by Bluetooth. If you are looking for wireless headphones you will be frequently heard about Noise Cancelling. Yeah! It is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), it reduces the unwanted ambient sounds around you in live. These types of wireless headphones will come with lot of features like Voice Assistant, hand-free calling, touch controls, extra. It also works with automatic play and pause features. You can also connect your wireless headphone with multiple devices, so that you can have multiple control environment in your hands. Okay, let’s see about the top best wireless headphones in the market. 

Top wireless headphones in market 

Sony WH-1000XM4 

It is a most advanced noise cancelling wireless headphone with a premium sound quality and lot of features. This wireless headphone has an Industry-leading noise cancellation which will make you hear every word, note, and has an incredible quality. In addition, these noise cancelling headphones feature microphones will assist in isolating sound. It uses HD Noise-Canceling Processor QN1 to capture ambient noise by using microphones which is placed on each side of the earcups. It uses noise-canceling in real time to acoustic environments. This headphone uses DSEE Extreme, it will dynamically be recognizing musical genres, instrumentation and individual elements of each song; For rich experience it restores the high-range sound lost in compression. 

Highlight: Personal noise canceling optimizer and atmospheric pressure optimizing 

Frequency Response: 4 Hz-40,000 Hz 

Battery Life: Max. 30 hours 

Bose 700 

It is a Noise cancelling headphone which is best for music and calls. Bose 700 uses the Active noise cancelling technology (ANC), which will monitor the sounds around you by using the microphones in both inside and outside of the earcups. You can hear what you want, Looks interesting right? Bose 700 offers you to have 11 settings which range from full noise cancelling to full transparency. So, here the full noise cancelling helps to get isolate from your surroundings; full transparency which will let your surroundings while you wearing headphones. These 11 settings can be achieved by clicking a button placed which is placed at the side of the earcup. The Bose 700 comes up with 6 mics to work together to cancel the noise around you to have a crystal-clear conversation while you are in a call. So, this will make you have better conversation in call by isolating your speech in real-time. 

Highlight: Power full noise cancellation, unrivaled voice pickup and best for music and calls. 

Touch controls: Speak, swipe, or touch 

Battery Life: Max. 20 hours 

Apple Airpods Pro 

It is equipped with Active noise cancellation. Airpods pro is an earbud which is a hype in Apple’s history of music. This Airpods will reduce the background noise in while you are in a call, and it will make your voice more audible. It has a great in-ear stability and sound quality. Airpods pro is developed to fit your ear shape by adaptive EQ which will automatically tunes the low and mid frequencies. The Apple airpods pro comes with auto-switching between Apple devices. Airpods pro comes up with the Siri (Apple’s Voice Assistant) and touch controls. So that you don’t have to touch your smartphone. You can also connect your Airpods pro with the Apple watch. 

Highlight: Transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you 

Touch controls: Tap, Double tap, Triple tap, Long press, “Hey Siri” 

Battery life: More than 24 hours of listening time. 


Features of Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Samsung phones have smart features to locate your phone with various phone. Here it comes up with your Samsung account which you have logged into your phone. The Samsung phone asks you to create a new account or sign in if you already have, so that you can use all your Samsung features. So, all you need here is to have a Samsung account and get logged with it. You can Find your lost phone, track its location, Lock and Unlock your phone, Download and Erase your personal data, unlock your phone, etc. So here we are going to see the steps to get into your account and navigate to the Find My Mobile page. 


  1. Go to website. 
  2. Sign in into your Samsung Account. 
  3. Then you will be Enter to the Find My Mobile page for your Device. 

When you successfully enter the Find my Mobile page it will automatically checks for your device status and looks to locate your phone. There you can find various tools for your phone to do. 

Features of Samsung’s Find My Mobile 

At the homepage of Find My Mobile, you can find various options to do with your phone. These options are Ring, Lock phone, Erase and backup personal data, download data, retrieve calls and messages, unlock phone, Extend Battery. Here we gonna check about the list of options and what does the options are to do. 

At while you enter the homepage of Find My Mobile, it shows the name and status of your Device. It automatically tries to find your live location of your device and it shows the location of your as the main theme of the page. You can find the option available to your phone to the right side of the page. 


This option will allow you to make your phone to Ring at the maximum volume does the phone has. So that you can easily find your phone when you are nearby it. You can use it this option at time when lost your phone and you get there by tracking its location; You can ring it to find where it is. 


Lock is an option used to lock your device, At the time of when you locking your device it asks for new pin or password. So that you can only unlock with your new password, and it also prevents it from the Turning it off your phone, temporarily suspends you Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. So that it remains connected to the network and you can easily track your phone. 


Best and Secure Mobile Payment apps

Nowadays, in this world you no need to carry cash in your hand everywhere because of using your plastic cards as your digital money. So, now it is easy to made that you don’t need to have those plastic cards with you to use those money. You can have your cards in your trusted mobile payment applications. It is available in both the android and ios devices. You can easily and securely use your money anywhere where the cards can be in this world. Your Digital wallets, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and extra. These moneys will appear in your payment wallet, using your wallet you can pay and receive money using these applications. 

Why to payment apps  

The Mobile payment apps you to store your financial information’s of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, reward cards, etc.  These stored data will help you to have the future online payments to be done very easily. So, by having this you can shop easily and save a lot of time. These payment apps also use contact less payment technology. So, this the flagship feature of the payment. You don’t need to have your debit and credit cards on hand. It can be added to the payment app and you will be able to use this payment app instead of your physical presence of the debit and credit cards. 

Best Mobile Payment Apps  

Yes, there are a lot of payment apps available for the android and IOS devices. But, you need only the best and the trusted apps to use make use by our financial details. So, that here are some of the best mobile payments in the following. It is Both available Android and IOS devices in the Play store and App Store. 

  • Apple Pay 
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay 
  • PayPal One Touch 
  • Venmo 
  • Zelle 

Apple Pay 

Apple Pay is the Apple’s payment app. That uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) embedded in the iPhones. By using the Near Field Communication (NFC) the Apple Pay will send the money to the receivers without a contactless manner. They have your card to be saved in your Apple Pay account so that they can easily know your financial details use your added cards (Debit and Credit cards) to pay. The Apple pay is only available in apple products. It can pay in all the areas where the cards can be accepted. The Apple Pay also comes in the Apple Watch. Yeah, it is awesome right! Now you can pay your payment even without taking out your phone. Your watch pays it. And Macbook can also allow you to pay troughApple pay to shop. You can follow the below information’s to know how to use it. 


Samsung mobiles hidden Secret Code for Galaxy Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy series is started since 2015, it manufactures smartphones and smart watches. It uses custom user interface which is called as One UI. These series come up with the Google’s Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy S series are the flagship and high-end smartphones in Samsung. Samsung Galaxy series are S and Note which are high-end models; A and M series are mid-range and low-end models.  

To find out the hidden service menu, we use secret codes like to upgrade firmware, to test sensors, and to get hardware information like camera, battery, etc. It is accessed by dialing some codes in the phone dialer of our phone, so that we can get the full information that we need. Obviously, it helps us to have full information we needed with just by dialing the codes. 

How to use a secret code in Samsung Galaxy mobiles 

It is very simple to use the codes to get result. Follow these steps to get benefits by using these codes: 

  1. Open Phone dialer in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  2. Just dial the secret codes in the dialer 
  3. At the end of the last digit in the secret code you will get process started   
  4. And u get the result automatically 

Secret codes of Samsung Galaxy mobiles 

Here you will find the secret codes and the result displayed for that codes. Let’s see the following codes and results: 

IMEI and S/N 

It shows the phones International mobile station equipment identity (IMEI) number and the S/N. Here how to use it 

Secret code: *#06# 


Samsung Bluetooth 5.0 certification [Samsung Galaxy A51]

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has been collecting the required certification from various agencies for the past weeks ahead of what appears to be an imminent launch. We recently also got out first renders of the phone which revealed it will boast a centered punch-hole display and L-shaped quad camera setup.

The latest clue comes from the Bluetooth certification agency which signals that we are closer to the official release. The device passed with the SM-AF15F/N model numbers and the only notable info that we got from the listing is that the phone will feature Bluetooth 5.0 support.

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