Best things to do with Google Home

You can manage your everyday life by Google Home. Google Home is Voice based virtual Assistant, It will make up a conversation with you and it fulfill your needs. Google Home lets you ask questions, you can play songs, movies, etc. It can control your smart devices, which you have connected to it. You can control them by saying simple commands to Google Home. You can be able to make reminders, schedule, book dinner, etc. Google Home comes up with the hands free environment, news and more. From Google Home, you can get Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. That is you can control Google Home with just your voice. It will do its services for you at whatever it recognises your voice. You can create your own shopping list, events, reminders and more. 

Best things to do with Google Home 

Music Alarm

Usually you set an alarm on your devices, but Google Home comes with a music alarm. That is you can set an alarm and it will play your desired music to remind you. You can do it just by saying “Hey Google – Set a music alarm for 7 minutes”, then it will ask for what music you like to play; So here you can say your desired music to play, when the time triggers out it will remind you. 

Relaxing sounds

Google Home plays you a relaxing music playlist. You can also have a sound which is kind of natural like firecrackers, animals, grinding, etc. This will make you enjoy those all precious sounds, so that you can even teach your children to make know about that. Google Home comes up with these kinds of sounds by just saying “Hey Google – play some relaxing sounds” or “Hey Google – play rain sounds”. It will let you have these sounds by playing it on its own speakers.

Multiple Commands

Yes! Google Home can understand multiple sounds. It can be done by just adding up ‘and’ and ‘then’ with your multiple commands. So, that the Google Home can complete more tasks by adding up these with your commands to part it. For example, if you need to play a song and have a maximum sound in it, you can just say “Hey Google – play Havana and turn the volume to 100%”.


7 Best VR Apps for smartphones

What is VR? 

VR is known Virtual Reality. Virtual reality is a computer technology used to create a simulated environment. It creates you an environment which is completely different from the world, which is a virtual world. It is mostly used for entertainment and education purposes. It is most immediately recognizable component. The Virtual Reality accessed by the Head-mount display (known as HMD). The Virtual places the user into the experience via HMD. Instead of viewing the screen the virtual reality lets you to experience it by interacting with the with 3D worlds. 

How the VR works? 

The Virtual Reality device (HMD) will put our screen to be split into two. In front of these interacting with these real worlds. The Lens of the VR Device will be auto focusing the simulated environment, so that they are using these Device. The Head mounted device will come up with the headphones with it and a VR Controller. So that it will completely make the device to access with the artificial world and control the objects.  Now you can able to see the virtual world through the lens and you can use the VR controller to perform actions in the virtual world. 

7 Best Apps for Virtual Reality 


This app lets you to have the view of 360 footage of the videos. So that you can enjoy the adventures by experiencing with a real feel, so it makes you to feel the real adventure feel and experience to you virtually. This app allows you to make the videos to get shot and you can upload it to the GoPro app. It automatically edits your video and so that you will never miss a great shot. This app will support you with HERO8, MAX, HERO7, Fusion, HERO6, HERO (2018), HERO5, HERO4, HERO Session, HERO3+, HERO3, HERO+. 

Availability: For both Android and IOS 

Play Store: Click Here

App Store: Click Here

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