Modded APK’s are the modified version of the actual APK. It allows you to have the desired amount of points and currencies in the your modded APK games. Even you can have the unlimited amount of points and you can unlock extra features in the application. So, by this you can have this kind of game in your desired way so that you can enjoy your game in modded version i.e.., It is in your style. These type of modded applications can be changed by you if you have the required knowledge about it. But, even without having these knowledges you can also play these games by downloading it from the websites. 

Popular Modded APK Game 

Here we gonna see some of the popular mod APK games, that will make our game to go crazy! Let’s see what they are: 


The PUBG Mobile Mod APK will allow you to have unlimited skin, unlimited BP, unlimited UC. You need to download the latest version of the PUBG mobile mod to continue you modded game. It will work on the all the android versions supported by PUBG mobile. You can update the modded version of the game after the few days of the official release.  

MOD Highlights: unlimited skin, unlimited BP, unlimited UC 

8 Ball Pool MOD

The 8 Ball Pool MOD APK allows you to have the unlimited cash, coins and unlocks all leagues, achievements, ques, etc. The 8 Ball Pool is the most played desktop billiards in the internet. This game is the live streaming multiplayer game. Its MOD file supports in all the android version which is supported by all this game. 

MOD Highlights: Unlocks all leagues and achievements; Unlimited cash and coins. 

Call of Duty Mobile MOD

The Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK allows you to have all the primary and secondary weapons to be unlocked, auto unlocks all the batch icons, Lethals and Tacticals, Soldiers suits, operator skill weapons and Perks. Gives you unlimited credits and the COD points, and also unlocks all the 5 loadouts. It is also the live streaming multiplayer game. 

MOD Highlights: Unlocks all weapons, lethals and tacticals; Unlimited COD points and Credits. 

Clash of Clans MOD

The Clash of Clans Mobile MOD apk allows you to have unlock all the resources and provides you with unlimited coins, gems and elixir. And the most highlighted thing is to unlock all the troops and spells. It is compatible with all the android versions which is supported by the clash of clans. 

MOD Highlights: Unlocks all resources and all troops & spells, unlimited coins and gems. 

Garena Free Fire MOD

The Garena Free Fire MOD APK comes with no recoil and wall hack. It gives you the purple body and increased aim assist and shooting range. You can be immortal that is you can have unlimited health in the live streaming game. And, also gives you the unlimited diamonds and coins 

MOD Highlights: No recoil, purple body, unlimited health, coins & diamonds, increased aim assist and shooting range. 

Mini Militia MOD

Mini militia is one the most popular games. It is also a live streaming game which comes in 2D graphics. Its mod version allows you to have unlimited health, ammo, nitro and unlocks all the avatars, weapons and battlegrounds. It is one the top modded game before PUBG. Mini Militia has got little down because of the PUBG which comes with the better and high graphics. 

MOD Highlights: Unlocks avatars & weapons, Unlimited health, ammo, nitro and avatars. 

Modern Combat 5 MOD

Modern Combat played the important role in the mobile gamer’s world. It modded version uses to unlock all the weapons and all the fighting styles, protection suits, etc. Infinite ammo, Unlimited health are inclusive with it. And comes with unlimited Credits and diamonds. It will allow you to take all the modes of the games to be unlocked instantly. 

MOD Highlights: Unlock all weapons, unlimited diamonds and credits 

Subway Surfers MOD

Subway Surfers Mod version comes with all the boards and avatars unlocked. And, gives you the unlimited coins and moneys, gives you all the keys opened for you. The skins are the swags in the boards of the subway surfers, here you get all those skins obviously open for you. 

MOD Highlights: Unlocks boards, skins & avatars, Unlimited coins, money, keys. 

Asphalt 8 MOD

Asphalt is the most popular high-end racing game in the mobile gaming arena. The modded version of the Asphalt 8 comes with the all cars unlocked which includes the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Ford, Benz, Maserati, BMW, Aston Martin, etc. It gives you the unlimited credits and tokens. This game gives you an extremely high graphics and a real gaming experience in the mobile.  

MOD Highlights: Unlimited tokens & credits, Unlocks all cars. 

Hungry Shark MOD

Hungry Shark Modded version comes with all the sharks will be got unlocked and also the premium sharks. It gives you unlimited coins and games. You also instantly play any level as you desired in this game. You can update this game with the modded versions.  

MOD Highlight: Unlocks all the sharks, Unlimited coins & gems 

Dangerous facts about Mod APK 

The MOD APK files will have the games to go crazy, but also sometimes the phones; when you make wrong downloads of mod files.  It contains same times virus, and bugs the scraps you. The Dangerous things that your phone was sometimes supposed to meet are the following things: 

  1. It may be sometimes a spam to make your data’s to be pirated by the internet pirates I.e., Hackers or the data thieves of the internet! 
  2. It will crash your device, which leads to the unresponsive system of your phone. May be if you are lucky it will boot up after few minutes normally. 
  3. It will just lead your device to have multiple process and occupies the full memory. So, that your phone may be supposed to be hanged. 
  4. In later may makes your phone to do a poor performance. 
  5. It may try to consume more battery power while you take the MOD application to run in your phone.   

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