The 5th Generation network is known as 5G. 4G networks had reached its maximum potential I.e., had reached the maximum technologies it can support. So, now the internet is gonna transform by the 5G network. So, it doesn’t mean it makes rid from the cables, it will give a full support for the cloud network. It just gives a massive response, so that more technology can be full filled by this 5th generation network. 

What is 5G? 

5G is the next generation of network and the advanced cellular network which uses the high frequency. The 5G uses 100 times faster than the 4G network. The Technology used in 5G are millimeter waves, small cell, massive MIMO, beamforming, full duplex. It gives you a immersive response which is 400 times faster than the 4G network. The 5G network has a capability of supporting the virtual reality, autonomous driving, IOT, and the new technologies in a very fast responsive manner. The 5G supports you by the speed of 3 Gbps (Gigabytes per second), but in future reach above 10 Gbps. The 5G is deployed and serviced using the nodes of the 5G, so that by connecting to the nearer nodes of the 5G it services you. 5G E is just the 4G connection. 

4G vs 5G 

Service 4G 5G 
Speed Up to 60 Mbps 3Gbps, In feature 10+ Gbps 
Frequency 700 MHz- 2700 MHz 600 MHz to 6 GHz, In Feature 24–86 GHz 
Supporting Technology Multi-media IOT, Autonomous diving, VR, Medical devices, etc. 
Responsive Speed 50 milliseconds 1 millisecond 
Downloading a 2-hour movie 6 minutes 3 seconds 
Frequency Spectrum and Frequency band Spectrum and Millimeter wave bands 

Technologies used in 5G

Millimeter waves 

The frequency band of millimeter waves 30 GHz to 300 GHz, it uses the electromagnetic spectrums. It is an extremely high frequency wave. It gets low when the frequency is supposed to pass through some substances, like rain, buildings, trees, etc. 

Small Cell 

It sends low powered signals with a large scale of powered cell towers. It uses low frequency to transfer with the wireless network base stations. Small cell can transfer low, medium and high band spectrum. Its range is 10 meters to few kilometers.   

Massive MIMO 

Massive MIMO supports the hundreds of ports, so that they can increase their capacity. It is a path to the 5G network, Massive MIMO is multiple input and multiple output. It makes the spectrum efficiency to by its transmitter and receiver. 


It is like a traffic signal it allows many connections in this basic. So, that it just focusses on the specific frequency to transmit and receive the signals. It is very precise and prevents interface. And it can be more efficient in the ways of handling more incoming and outgoing data streams. 

Full Duplex 

It allows you to transfer data in two ways simultaneously. It allows you to connect with more than 2 parties at a time. This Technoloy is used in cell phone signals which lets you to hear simultaneously. 

Advantage & Pros of 5G 

  1. It allows to have the immersive response in the internet. 
  2. It is 100 times faster than the 4G network. 
  3. It is 400 times responsive than the 4G network. 
  4. It is best suited for the advanced technologies. 
  5. The Autonomous Driving needs the faster response to drive in a real world, it can can be obtained in this 5G network, Because of it responsive time is 1 millisecond. 
  6. It is used for the Smart home, so that it will handle the emergency situations in a much ease way. 
  7. The Medical devices can be done in a high responsive way so that they can avoid the medical errors. 
  8. The Internet of Things (IOT) can be used efficiently in the way of 5G network. 
  9. It allows you to have the Virtual reality world to come live with your real world by its immersive and faster response of 5G. 
  10. The 3D videos can be streamed easily with this 5G network. 

Disadvantages & Cons of 5G 

  1. 5G is more expensive compared to 4G and 3G networks. 
  2. The 5G mobiles is consuming more battery power to access it. 
  3. Makes the device to get heated while using the 5G. 
  4. 5G is only available in specific areas to connect with the device, which is considered as the 5G cities. 
  5. The 5G is just supporting efficiently when you are near the 5G node, if you are behind the wall, buildings, or trees the network get to slow because the high frequency cannot travel through the heavy substance. 
  6. They are even getting slow in the rainy time because of heavy frequency. 
  7. The 5G is still under the deploying stage, so it is not in an efficient use in the 2019. 
  8. 5G efficient use is expected in the 2025. 

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