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How 5G going to support the world. 5G’s cons and pros

The 5th Generation network is known as 5G. 4G networks had reached its maximum potential I.e., had reached the maximum technologies it can support. So, now the internet is gonna transform by the 5G network. So, it doesn’t mean it makes rid from the cables, it will give a full support for the cloud network. It just gives a massive response, so that more technology can be full filled by this 5th generation network. 

What is 5G? 

5G is the next generation of network and the advanced cellular network which uses the high frequency. The 5G uses 100 times faster than the 4G network. The Technology used in 5G are millimeter waves, small cell, massive MIMO, beamforming, full duplex. It gives you a immersive response which is 400 times faster than the 4G network. The 5G network has a capability of supporting the virtual reality, autonomous driving, IOT, and the new technologies in a very fast responsive manner. The 5G supports you by the speed of 3 Gbps (Gigabytes per second), but in future reach above 10 Gbps. The 5G is deployed and serviced using the nodes of the 5G, so that by connecting to the nearer nodes of the 5G it services you. 5G E is just the 4G connection. 

4G vs 5G 

Service 4G 5G 
Speed Up to 60 Mbps 3Gbps, In feature 10+ Gbps 
Frequency 700 MHz- 2700 MHz 600 MHz to 6 GHz, In Feature 24–86 GHz 
Supporting Technology Multi-media IOT, Autonomous diving, VR, Medical devices, etc. 
Responsive Speed 50 milliseconds 1 millisecond 
Downloading a 2-hour movie 6 minutes 3 seconds 
Frequency Spectrum and Frequency band Spectrum and Millimeter wave bands 

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